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David is the VP of Global Partnerships at Via, the world’s leading provider of on-demand shared ride technology to cities, transit agencies, and operators. David is responsible for establishing mobility partnerships around the world. Prior to Via, David headed up BD and M&A at Snagajob, founded a venture backed startup, and worked at Bain Consulting and private equity. David holds degrees from Harvard (AB) and Wharton (MBA).


  • June 12: On-demand ride sharing: learn from the pioneers

  • June 11: On-demand shared transport: optimising mobility services with new technologies

    Transforming transportation through partnerships

    The ubiquity of powerful mobile devices has given rise to new technology platforms that transport agencies can now use to enhance existing service. From the provision of real-time information to microtransit, public transport providers are not only providing alternative options, but also empowering the public to choose the option that makes the most sense in real time-- and easily combine them. To realize the promise of new innovations -- from greater access and choice to reduced congestion and emissions -- it’s critical for private mobility companies and public transport providers to partner in a meaningful way, to both deliver innovation and ensure that the obligations of public transit are met. In this session, Mr. Adelman will discuss Via's vision for the future of transportation, why vehicles must be shared, and how public-private partnerships will evolve in a new mobility world.