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Aida Abdulah is Senior Project Manager, UITP Knowledge & Innovation, M.Sc. Environmental sciences. With more than ten years of project management experience in sustainability urban mobility, Aida joined the City Bus Unit at UITP in 2017 to bring forward the electrification of urban bus systems. She is responsible for the EU projects ZeEUS and ASSURED, which are setting the pace towards cleaner bus fleets, and addressing the challenges for fleet upscale, operational excellence, interoperability and standardisation.


  • June 10: Supporting e-bus large scale deployment

    Platform for Clean Bus Deployment in Europe

    The decarbonisation of urban transport is crucial to ensure clean, liveable, and vibrant cities. One major strategy is to foster modal shift from private cars to public transport, thus reducing congestion as well as air and noise pollution. As buses are one key component of public transport, clean bus technologies not only reduce emissions but improve the overall public transport service and make it more attractive. Today, many city administrations have the political will to re-orient their public transport system towards clean buses, but lack the capabilities and know-how to do so on their own. To address this barrier, UITP envisions a platform of stakeholders for clean bus deployment, made of cities, public transport authorities and operators, and aimed at facilitating exchange of know-how and experience on clean bus systems, and providing support along the different deployment phases. This Platform would be fundamental in advancing the deployment state of clean bus systems across Europe. This poster presents the framework of the platform and potential activities, highlighting the aspects that the member cities would benefit from.