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Programme Tracks

Putting Cities and People at the Core of our Summit

Join us for four days of discussions and insights covering all aspects of sustainable urban mobility! Around the theme of “Bright Light of the City” , discover six tracks under our two pillars:


Cities People


About the Theme

What do you see when the bright light shines on your city? The richness of the culture? The vibrant landscape? Public transport allows you to discover the beauty that surrounds you during your journey across the city.

Public Transport is the ‘Bright Light of the City’. It gives passengers the freedom to discover their surroundings, to commute, to meet friends and family, or simply navigate wherever you need to go with ease. Public transport brings light to any city and energises the lives of all those who use it: it’s simply the brightest decision you can make to move around your city!

With our 2023 theme set, Barcelona is the perfect example of an excellent, modern and well-developed public transport system. Metro, bus, tram, cable car – the city has it all.

By building our Summit Programme we will present two pillars to define the direction: Cities, and People. Because what we know for sure is that public transport is for everyone. It is for the People, for our Cities. Within those two pillars, we will showcase six tracks to drive the direction of our focus.


Next Gen Cities
How can our cities be visionary? Explore governance, planning and financing for cities and regions of all sizes featuring case studies from around the world.


Transitioning to Net Zero
Energy and climate change have never been such major concerns. From clean energy to energy efficiency, discover solutions and alternative ideas to go greener together.


Innovative and Resilient Operations
How can we innovate for a more resilient sector? Get the latest insights on automation, combined mobility, flow management, safety, cybersecurity and more


Public Transport for Social Inclusion
Let’s discuss the social dimension of urban mobility! What role does public transport play for social inclusion and diversity? Explore issues such as improving access to essential services, employment opportunities and much more.


Customer Centricity
It’s time to shift our mindset…Learn how best to anticipate your customers evolving needs and increasing digitalisation.


Talented, Happy Staff
Our sector relies on talented and well-trained staff. Explore how we can make our sector attractive and futureproof for the employees of today and tomorrow.