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Partnership Opportunities

Boost Your Visibility

Why Should You Be Part of It?

The Summit is the biggest event in public transport!

It is the only place to :

  • Network with a high-level international audience
  • Create new business contacts & opportunities
  • Maximise your visibility
  • Demonstrate your leadership
  • Connect your brand to an exclusive event, firmly established as the biggest in the world of public transport and urban mobility

Partnership Opportunities

To help you choose the best visibility option suited to your budget and goals, we have provided an overview of all partnership opportunities.

Choose your preferred items from the list below and tailor your level of visibility.

Each item is an exclusive opportunity to display your brand.

Your partnership category will be determined by the final cost of all chosen options.

Where do you want to be visible?

  • I want to be visible during key activities
    Item UITP Member €
    Opening & Closing Ceremony (Congress) € 95.000
    UITP President Dinner € 45.000
    UITP General Assembly € 10.000
  • I want to be visible at key areas
    Item UITP Member €
    Premium lounge € 15.000
    Delegates Lunch Monday € 15.000
    Delegates Lunch Tuesday € 15.000
    Delegates Lunch Wednesday € 15.000
    Congress Registration Area € 10.000
    Delegates Coffee Stations Monday € 10.000
    Delegates Coffee Stations Tuesday € 10.000
    Delegates Coffee Stations Wednesday € 10.000
  • I want to be visible among the participant’s event-related items
    Item UITP Member €
    Delegates Personal Pouch (Provided by the organisers) € 30,000
    Delegates Personal Pouch (Provided by the partner) € 20,000
    Speaker's Gift (Provided by the organisers) € 20,000
    USB key (Provided by the sponsor) € 10,000
  • I want to be visible on the communication tools & social media used throughout Stockholm 2019
    Item UITP Member €
    Wi-Fi € 20,000
    Summit App € 20,000
    Tweet walls € 20,000
    Interpretation (4 UITP languages) € 15,000
    Programme wall (min 2) € 10,000
  • I want to be visible on the basic items only
    Item UITP Member €
    Supporting Package € 5,000
  • Basic benefits

    The following advantages will be offered to all partners your company exposure on:
    • Summit website
    • Email campaigns
    • Printed/promotional tools
    • Official programme & list of participants
    • Partners wall
  • Exclusive benefits

    Exclusive visibility based on chosen package.

Key Benefits

€5,001 > €10,000
Max 2 registrations@preferential sponsor rate
10 ticketsfor exhibition access
€10,001 > €20,000
Max 4 registrations@preferential sponsor rate
20 ticketsfor exhibition access
€20,001 > €40,000
1 full congress registration free of charge
Max 6 registrations@preferential sponsor rate
30 ticketsfor exhibition access
€40,001 > €60,000
2 full congress registration free of charge
Max 8 registrations@preferential sponsor rate
40 ticketsfor exhibition access
€60,001 & above
3 full congress registration free of charge
Max 10 registrations@preferential sponsor rate
50 ticketsfor exhibition access

Become a Partner

Contact us to become a partner

Nathalie Simon
Contact for Partnership


Download the Partnership Brochure


Branding allows you to prominently display your logo, ad or message at key locations (outdoor and indoor) during the event and on some of the event’s products such as exhibitor and visitor bags. Flexible branding opportunities with very reasonable prices.

Some of the branding opportunities are shown below.

  • Three spaces for facade banners facing Huddingevägen
  • Flags with your company logo (Main entrance)
  • 14 Screens at the main entrance, East entrance and Garage
  • 6 Screens at the Hall A, Hall B, East entrance and Gallery B
  • 7 Screens at the Registration and East entrance
  • It is possible to place signs in the aisle in the exhibitor hall

Branding Opportunities Contact

Ryma Taleb
Contact for Branding


Download the Partnership Flyer


We offer three media channels to promote your company and your products

Benefit from the Special Stockholm advertising pack, and combine advertising spaces in:

The official magazine of UITP, Public Transport International (PTI)

PTI is a must-read that offers a unique perspective of the global trends and innovation shaping today’s mobility.
Readership: Top level managers and high decision makers.
Number of readers: 18,000. Copies will be distributed freely at the UITP stand in Stockholm. In English.

The UITP Website

Advertising banners available in different sections of the UITP website, including MyUITP portal (UITP Members’ online platform).

Visit UITP Website
The official programme

The official programme of the Global Public Transport Summit 2019 is distributed on-site to all delegates registered to the Summit (approx. 2,500).

Advertise with Us

Doriano Angotzi
Contact for Advertising


Download the Media Pack 2019


Media Partneship

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to be visible by the all sector and to promote your magazine in front of a global audience!

Contact us for more information about the media partnership opportunities

Anna Gadenne


See the Current Media Partners