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Stay Informed!

Meet our Mobility Artists: Devin De Vries

Our seventh and last mobility artist is an Idea Composer! As an innovative thinker, Devin de Vries has the courage to experiment with new ideas, create new schemes and techniques and compose solutions in a way that many could never have imagined. Above all, Devin is excited about the future of urban mobility! His natural leadership skills, fresh perspective and ability to put ideas in motion are exactly what our sector needs as it faces the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Meet our Mobility Artists: Margaret Teo

Our sixth mobility artist is a Happiness Conductor! With a ‘fine-tuned’ business mindset, Margaret Teo’s main concern is to deliver a positive experience to public transport users at every step of their journey. Starting with an internal culture of listening to and engaging with staff, Margaret makes sure she understands each person’s needs perfectly, in order to create a culture of service excellence.

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Meet our Mobility Artists: Hans Arby

Our fifth mobility artist is a Mobility Designer! Easily inspired by the latest trends and the ongoing digital revolution, Hans Arby sees current challenges as an opportunity to design the intermodal mobility solution of the future. As a Mobility Designer, Hans has the unique ability to weave together traditional patterns of mass public transport with cutting-edge designs of new mobility services.

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Meet our Mobility Artists: Kewal Krishan Saberwal

Our fourth mobility artist is a Wealth Architect! Like any good architect, Kewal Krishan Saberwal knows the necessity of building a solid foundation and has a sharp attention to detail. Designing new sources of revenue is a constant challenge for the public transport sector, and as a Wealth Architect, Saberwal excels in constructing a sound financial plan and take well-calculated risks to carefully build the financial sustainability of businesses.

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Meet our Mobility Artists: Hanne Bertnes Norli

Our third mobility artist is a City Storyteller! Having the ultimate mission to make our cities more sustainable, flourishing and healthier, Hanne Bertnes Norli knows like no other that public transport is an essential factor in achieving this goal. As a City Storyteller, Hanne believes in great human achievements and has the strong desire to bring a real contribution to society.

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Meet our Mobility Artists: Erki Lipre

Our second mobility artist is a Performance Producer! Like any good producer, Erki Lipre is found backstage, ensuring that all elements on stage are performing smoothly. Valuing change and innovation, he is constantly challenging himself to make the performance better each time it runs by seeking ways to improve the operational performance of sustainable transport modes.

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Meet our Mobility Artists: Anne Hornung Soukup

Be inspired by speakers from all over the world, coming from every industry within the public transport sector. Celebrating the Summit’s theme "the Art of Public Transport", we believe that each speaker is a mobility artist in her or his own way, working to craft the perfect urban journey.

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In the Spotlight: MaaS in Stockholm

The city of Stockholm is known for the excellence of its air quality, its easy access to waterways and greens spaces. For these reasons and much more, Stockholm is offering its citizens, and millions of visitors annually, a high quality of life recognised everywhere in the world.

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One year to go!

Next year, UITP will host the Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm (9-12 June 2019) making this week the official ‘one year to go’ countdown

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