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Meet our Mobility Artists: Kewal Krishan Saberwal

During the UITP Summit in Stockholm you will be inspired by speakers from all over the world, coming from every industry within the public transport sector. Celebrating the Summit’s theme “the Art of Public Transport“, we believe that each speaker is a mobility artist in her or his own way, working to craft the perfect urban journey.

Our fourth mobility artist is a Wealth Architect! Like any good architect, Kewal Krishan Saberwal knows the necessity of building a solid foundation and has a sharp attention to detail. Designing new sources of revenue is a constant challenge for the public transport sector, and as a Wealth Architect, Saberwal excels in constructing a sound financial plan and take well-calculated risks to carefully build the financial sustainability of businesses.

“New and innovative funding models are essential to providing public transport that is both environmentally and financially sustainable.”

Kewal Krishan has had a long career in finance. Since February 2013, he has been Director of Finance at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Before, he worked as Director of Finance at Hindustan Copper, a public sector establishment. His session at the Summit, “A deep dive for untapped revenue sources“, will focus on new and innovative ways to optimise revenues in public transport.

Can you describe what your presentation at the UITP Summit will be about?

The session centres around the notion that the sustainability of public transport is only possible when there are supplementary resources to augment the fare box revenues. Delhi Metro has taken a number of steps in that direction, and I intend to share the same at the UITP Summit.

Looking at finding new sources of funding and finance, what are interesting current developments in this field?

Here I want to focus on two innovative initiatives that have been taken by DMRC. The first is that Delhi Metro has sourced electric power through solar installations at no cost to Delhi Metro. The energy procured from our own roofs is much cheaper than the energy provided by energy supply companies. This ensures both environmental and financial sustainability.
Furthermore, Delhi Metro is in the process of financing a bid for procurement of rolling stock on long lease basis. This will reduce the requirement of capital from the promoters such as the government of India and government of Delhi.

What does “The Art of Public Transport” mean to you?

The Art of Public Transport means to me that everything we do in should be with our full intellect, intent and heart – so that the traveller goes home on a happy note.

Funding & Financing
 is one of the seven main topics of the Summit. Want to discover the full programme? Download the full brochure for the UITP Summit!

Are you a Wealth Architect just like Kewal Krishan Saberwal? Take the quiz and find out!