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Meet our Mobility Artists: Anne Hornung Soukup

During the UITP Summit in Stockholm you will be inspired by speakers from all over the world, coming from every industry within the public transport sector. Celebrating the Summit’s theme “the Art of Public Transport“, we believe that each speaker is a mobility artist in her or his own way, working to craft the perfect urban journey.

Our first mobility artist is a Company Choreographer! Understanding the need for diversity in the public transport workforce to meet the rising mobility challenge of tomorrow, Anne Hornung Soukup is a master in the art of attracting new talents and skills. Like a true Company Choreographer, Anne cherishes teamwork and dedication, and provides space on stage for every individual to flourish.

“Bringing people together from different backgrounds, cultures and interests is essential to developing a public transport system that meets the challenges of our rapidly changing world.”

Anne is a Swiss American who lived in South-Africa and is educated in the United States and Europe. With a background in entrepreneurship and banking, she has been Chair of the Board of the Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) since 2016. Alongside topics such as mass transit, urban development, multimodality and innovation adorning her list of interests, she has been actively working to improve and promote diversity workforce for the past three decades.

Ann will be speaking at the session “Diversity: improving the public transport workforce” during the UITP Summit. Explore our interactive programme to find out more.

Can you describe what your presentation at the UITP Summit will be about?

It is about the importance of diversity at all levels in the success of organisations, and how to achieve it. Attracting new talents and skills is essential in the public transport sector. Urban development and mobility are radically changing worldwide and it is happening in a very short period of time. Any mass transit or mobility organisation that does not adapt to the changing environment will stagnate or even disappear.

If you could compose the workforce of your dreams for the public transport sector, what would it look like?

Passionate people with diverse genders, cultures, backgrounds, and interests. People who work together to develop ways to efficiently and safely move a maximum number of people, rather than a maximum number of large metallic structures carrying one person each and creating traffic jams wherever they congregate.

What does ‘the Art of Public Transport’ mean to you?

A changing urban and suburban world, with innovative urban development linking transport, infrastructure, lifestyle, which are all improving quickly due to human ingenuity.


Attracting new talents and skills is one of the seven main topics of the Summit. Want to discover the full programme? Download the full brochure for the UITP Summit!

Are you a Company Choreographer just like Anne? Take the quiz and find out!