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Innovation Guided Tours

Meet Our Most Groundbreaking Exhibitors

For the second time at the Summit, Innovation Guided Tours have been organised to put a spotlight on exhibitors who have developed the most outstanding solutions for the public transport sector and cluster them in thematic areas. Vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, technology and knowledge providers, and operators will showcase their latest developments, allowing the Summit participants to experience the future of public transport in about an hour.

The innovation tours cover a range of topics: from digital solutions for maintenance and ticketing, to strategies for the operation of zero-emission fleets. The tours cover all public transport modes, as well as intermodal mobility platforms and new mobility services.

Due to high demand, the Innovation Guided Tours are currently fully booked. Please check availability on-site.

Solutions for asset management and predictive maintenance

Monday 10/06 11:30-12:30

Digitalisation brings many opportunities for the public transport sector, including opportunities for mobility providers to increase efficiency, improve quality and lower costs by making the monitoring of infrastructure and rolling stock more accurate and more automatic.
This tour will guide us along innovative technologies for optimising fleet diagnostics and maintenance and that ultimately seek to improve service quality and safety.

1.Televic Rail
6.Trapeze Group

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Latest technology and design for zero emission city buses.

Monday 10/06 14:00-15:00

With the developments in alternative propulsions, the bus sector is at the forefront of technological innovation for a cleaner mobility, matching industry trends and the wider social evolution. During this tour, participants will visit leading bus manufacturers’ solutions that seek to answer cities’ needs for higher energy efficiency, reduced emissions and enhanced travel experience.

1. Daimler Buses
2. MAN Truck & Bus AG
3. SAFRA Manufacturer
4. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A
5. BYD Europe B.V.
6. Volvo Buses
7. Scania CV AB

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MaaS: from intermodal journey planning to data analytics

Tuesday 11/06 10:00-11:00

The urban mobility landscape is evolving fast and digital technologies allow the creation of new services to be integrated into a single mobility offer, with efficient public transport as its backbone. The findings from MaaS experiences across Europe will be shared with the participants without forgetting key issues like data analytics, open standards and the integration of all services in management and control tools.

1. Ramboll
2. door2door
3. Siemens Mobility GmbH
4. INIT GmbH
5. Axon Vibe
6. Trafi

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Intelligent solutions for operational excellence

Tuesday 11/06 11:30-12:30

On this guided tour you will discover various solutions designed to improve operations and quality of service for mass transit systems. Among them are solutions that help metro and rail operators avoid safety incidents and service disruptions caused by cyber-attacks, collision avoidance system for buses and large vehicles, and artificial intelligence technologies for the planning and scheduling of operations.

1. Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection AB
2. Optibus
4. Cylus
5. Mobileye, an Intel Company

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Smart ticketing and digital customer services

Tuesday 11/06 14:00 – 15:00

With digitalisation ever increasing, the public transport and urban mobility sector is working hard to develop new technologies that improve and facilitate users’ journeys. This tour will explore the latest solutions that seek to make it easier for travellers to purchase and ‘carry’ their tickets, like location-based autonomous ticketing, as well as to help consolidate multiple tickets for all modes of transport into one place, improving user experience and security.

1. Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
3. Masabi
4. eos.uptrade GmbH
5. Wizway Solutions & Paragon ID
6. Almex

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Technology for better operation of electric and hydrogen bus fleets

Wednesday 12/06 10:00-11:00

Vehicle manufacturers and technology providers will share their experiences and latest solutions to optimise electric and hydrogen bus operation. From energy consumption management and prediction, to thermal control technologies and charging and refuelling systems: the selected developments reveal a high potential to optimise energy efficiency and support the transition to cleaner public transport by bus.

1. Schunk Carbon Technology
2. VDL Bus & Coach
3. ViriCiti
4. Heliox Automotive
5. Webasto Group
6. Linde AG

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Integrating automated vehicles in the transport ecosystem

Wednesday 12/06 11:30 – 12:30

This tour will drive us through technology companies and mobility service providers challenging the future of automated vehicles. The tour will focus on different solutions and concepts that help optimise the introduction of automated vehicles in the existing transport ecosystem: from self-driving buses tested worldwide to cutting edge multi-sensor technology, to solutions for automated parking in bus depots.

1. Bestmile
4. Transdev
5. FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
6. Shenzhen Bus Group

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