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The creation of a transport ecosystem

Learn more about Helsinki, their history of trams designed for the Nordic climate, and detailed information about the newly built West Metro, which can be viewed as an example of improvement in the regional co-operation between municipalities as well as an example of vulnerability of the co-operation based on voluntariness. .The tour will also highlight how Finland is taking the lead in the creation of a transport ecosystem and how its implementation gives potential for new business models like tram as a service. It will also explain how Helsinki is managing the project of building one of the safest metros in the world. Finally, you will get information about how the new metro has been a key to densify the land-use in the capital region of Finland, intensifying housebuilding and enabling better accessibility by public transport. The day will finish with a ride on the West Metro where you will learn about making art of station and terminal design. HSL will provide lunch on the 14th and a 3-day pass (Friday-Sunday) for HSL public transport.

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Number of participants: 30

Departures: Friday 14 June, 10:00

Duration: 5:00

Meet up Point: Helsinki central station, travel to Helsinki on your own expense by boat or by flight

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