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Stand: A3160

Zhangjiagang Xianfeng Tire Co., Ltd. is situated Suzhou, in China. Founded in 1996, we have our R&D team, logistic team and storage.Our products(TOM tires) are widely used in all kinds of vehicles. Our partners are located all over the world.With our patent technology, we are running head of the world, and have won the rewards of “2018 JIANGSU NEW TECH”.TOM tires have high-speed&high-temperature anti-explosion, anti-leakage, noise reduction, anti-shock, zero-pressure endurance and other safety functions.

Product description

On the basis of not changing the original performance of the tire, each TOM tire is sprayed with a layer of IPSM on the inner wall by spraying equipment, thereby adding a layer of “self-repairing anti-pricking safety zone” ,so that a sharp object which the diameter is within 6mm, punctures the tread of driving-vehicle tire (excluding the sidewall) , the perforation can be instantly filled and sealed by the coating IPSM.The vehicle can keep on driving,so that every customer can enjoy the driving with safety!