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Stand: A5131

Yangzhou Jingcheng Electronics Co. Ltd established in 1999, we are specialized in the RF industry. We are not only doing R&D of RF, but also manufacture and sale of RF connectors, cable assembling, As a major enterprise of RF products in China, we offer a full range of RF products, such as BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, N, MMCX, SSMA, SMB, SSMC , DIN, and we also support Cable Assembly, Surge arrester, Termination Load and Attenuator to client with good quality and competitive price!

Product description

JingCheng Electronics basic produce on the international production standard of SMA,SMB,SMC,MCX,SMP,BMA,BNC,TNC,FME,N,7/16(L29),1.6/5.6(L9),MMCX,SSMA,SSMB,SSMC,SMCX,TC-35 and more series products.By the authority of performance testing third-part,all conform to the IEC,DIN and MILC-39012 technical standards.
According to the national (GB) and industry (JS) standard L6,L8,L10,L12,L16,SL16,Q9,FL10,such as RF connectors,Antenna,Cable Assembly(Jumper),Audio and Video Connectors,Large-size Feed Pipe Joint,etc.