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VERS Produkcja

Stand: B3083

We are an Energy Technology company working with Solaris OEM, developing and producing VERS Energy Recuperation Systems and 48V Mild Hybrid Systems based on Supercapacitors. Our most popular product is a 24V Vehicle Energy Recuperation System dedicated to the Bus&Coach industry. VERS provides an estimated Fuel consumption reduction by 3-5%, depending on the alternator power and route profile. We have produced more than 300 VERS Systems for Customers in 15 European cities .

Product description

Our newest product is a 48V Mild Hybrid System.
Main functionalities:
1. Hybrid Power Assist – 10 kW – 20 kW electric Boostfrom an OTS 48V Motor-Generator
2. eCoasting and Idle Reduction
3. Start-Stop Ready – Supporting the Starter with 300 A Current and a Power Assist via the 48V Motor-Generator.
4. Dedicated Monitoring System
The Mild Hybrid System is production ready with estimated fuel savings of 5-10%, depending on the generator power and route profile.