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Stand: 7E230

Since 1993, Transdata has been employing technology to innovate and improve human mobility. For 30 years, we have been creating complete and interoperable solutions targeted at evolving public transportation in nearly 500 cities in Latin America and Africa. We are driven by the challenge of developing flexible, accurate platforms that connect countless resources, forming a practical and integrated ecosystem. In one place, transport system operators can access various solutions that boost efficiency and are ultimately convenient for passengers. Where there are people striving for innovation, cities with technologies to improve mobility, and companies with broad operational support, Transdata will be there.

Product description

Transdata develops technologies that help public transportation be smarter and more attractive. We meet the needs of operators and passengers with innovative and complete ITS capabilities. We are recognized for our experience in ticketing and integrated solutions for passenger transport, such as: facial biometrics, fleet monitoring and management, sales network, apps, bus ticket sales system, georeferenced tariff, real-time information and others. We invested in Sigo, a fintech specialized in financial solutions and payment methods for public transportation, and, we strengthened our presence on the African continent, where we have been operating since 2018.