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Developing, testing and implementing ideas together – that’s the ethos behind the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH, formed by 32 shareholders from business, science and local authorities. Their aim is to create a driving force in energy, mobility and digitalisation – speeding up processes from the initial idea to the final results. TRK GmbH acts as a platform for collaboration, coordinating the numerous players, contributing to funding and raising awareness of results on both a national and international level. The TRK GmbH was also one of the founders of the Karlsruhe Mobility Lab, which is a globally recognized Centre for the development of intelligent concepts for the urban and regional mobility of the future.

Product description

The Karlsruhe Mobility Lab, powered by Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, develops intelligent concepts for urban and regional mobility with a focus on sustainability and reconciling environmental friendliness and mobility comfort. Its ecosystem of science, business, public sector, and transport companies work on interdisciplinary approaches to develop new concepts and analyze them with citizens. The Lab has innovative projects like mobility platform, intermodal traffic control, autonomous services, cross-border mobility solutions, cycle paths, high-speed routes, and Karlsruhe Tram Train Model.