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SYSTRA is one of the world’s leading engineering and consulting groups specialised in public transport and mobility solutions.
For 65 years, the Group has been involved with cities and regions in order to contribute to their development by creating, improving and modernising their transport infrastructures and systems.
Supported by its 8,250 employees, our mission is to make transport more fluid around the world in order to bring regions together and facilitate access to employment, education and leisure.
SYSTRA’s expertise requires strong engineering skills across the entire spectrum of technical disciplines to find optimal multi-criteria solutions and to complete complex projects on time, on budget and with the expected quality for a perfect client service, and so, throughout the whole lifecycle.

Product description

SYSTRA supports its clients in the design and delivery of safe, resilient, and sustainable transportation infrastructures with a positive societal and environmental impact. Our digital solutions help make better decisions based on objective data: transport planning (Transiplanner, Cyclops), energy transition & net zero infrastructures (Carbontracker, Tess, Climate +), engineering & construction (Elody, Vizeo, Bim in One Click), operation & maintenance (Pablo, Railsim X, drones for railway inspection), asset management. We help our clients shift to a decarbonated energy mix for propulsion, using less energy with more efficiency for all modes of transport: converting railway lines and diesel-powered buses to alternative technology solutions (electric, battery electric, hydrogen…).