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SABIC’s Functional Forms business offers high-quality, engineered thermoplastic LEXAN™ sheet and film products across various industries, including building and construction, consumer electronics, automotive, specialty glazing, and air- and rail interiors.

The transportation industry has rapidly expanding needs that require high-performance materials. SABIC’s opaque and translucent engineered LEXAN™ sheet portfolio offers lightweight and high impact resistance. It also helps aircraft and railway interior manufacturers meet tough flame, smoke, toxicity and heat release regulations whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of the cabin environment.

Product description

SABIC combines thermoplastics expertise with in-depth knowledge of the industry standards, regulations and trends. Committed to keeping its customers in the transportation industry at the leading edge of materials and processing technologies, such as train interior glazing. Public transit authorities must meet the constant challenges of increased safety and security, sustainability and cost reduction.

SABIC serves the global rail and bus interior industry with a broad portfolio of engineered sheet and film materials. These offer a total-solution approach to the industry’s rapidly expanding need for proven materials technologies. LEXAN™ sheet products for bus, truck & train interior glazing meet the challenges of increased safety and security, sustainability and cost reduction.