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Stand: A4121
Streamax came to life in 2002 and grow up in 16 years to become a solid firm with over 1200 employees , and with hundreds of successful stories around the word.Our products are running in over 1,000,000 installation in domestic and international markets.

Streamax proudly covers 55% of domestic market and become one of top suppliers with famous brand inEurope, US, Asia, Latin America and Middle East.nttttt

Product description

Active Safety System is based on Machine Vision Technology and Artificial Intelligence to detect driver abnormal driving status. It can detect and alarm the following conditions: Fatigue, Distraction, phone call while driving, support LDW and FCW.It also can send video alarm to monitor center. this system provide a whole new tools for fleet, insurance company, law enforcement department to reduce the risk and damage cause by bad driving behavior