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ReadSpeaker is the global voice specialist with 20+ languages and 70+ lifelike text-to-speech voices. We offer some of the highest-quality voices on the market to 10,000+ customers in 65 countries for online, embedded, server/desktop, apps, speech production, custom voices, and more. We support applications, channels and devices across industries, including Automated Passenger Info Systems, Voice Announcements, Ticketing, and Customer Experience services for Public Transport, Rail, and Air Travel.

Product description

Our market-leading synthetic speech product VoiceText turns text into real-time spoken travel information to ensure an enhanced customer experience, making passengers feel safer and more empowered. We use a mix of advanced unit selection and next-generation Deep Neural Network technology to achieve the highest-quality synthetic voices, together with constant quality improvement at all levels. We offer the same high-quality voices on-premises and in the cloud for the utmost flexibility.