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nextbike GmbH

Stand: B4030

As a European market leader and bike sharing pioneer, we are making cycling an integral part of urban mobility. For more than 14 years we have been developing long-lasting bike sharing systems and establishing rental bikes as a form of local public transport on equal footing with buses and rail. Our business model is commercially sustainable and based on cooperation with cities, transport companies, universities and sponsoring partners. Together we make our cities more livable.

Product description

Nextbike offers dockless and station-based systems and also combine them in hybrid systems. We believe bike sharing complements public transport networks, expanding the catchment area for public transport hubs. Our bikes have built-in RFID readers for rentals via e-tickets of transport companies. Nextbike products are composed of high quality parts such as our gear boxes, pneumatic tyres and other traffic regulations-compliant components, besides having an average service life of up to 10 years.