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Stand: B3090

Working in automatic fare collection since 1996, MULTIPASS provides seamless, “open loop” payment and travel services to support (MaaS). Focusing on Account Based Ticketing solutions, MULTIPASS has already been implemented in six (6) different sites on all types of public transport, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure, always calculating “best price”, route and means of travel. Experience MULTIPASS by downloading the app from the Apple or Google play store.

Product description

MULTIPASS delivers a convenient and highly scalable Account Based Ticketing system which, using “cloud” based, “open loop” technology, can be implemented just as easily for a single vehicle owner, through to a city of millions. The MULTIPASS system, enables customers to either purchase a ticket or use “daily/weekly capping” to travel. Customers may use any NFC standard, contactless card or device or a “dynamic” QR code to benefit from the system. Expensive certification or infrastructure is not required.