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MEDCOM Sp. z o.o.

Stand: 6H200

Power electronics with SiC from Medcom
for Electric & Hydrogen Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams, Metro Cars

Key advantages of implementing the silicon carbide technology
 Extremely high efficiency
 Low power losses
 Low noise level
 30% to 45% lower weight and dimensions of devices
 Up to 30% lower operating costs of vehicles in urban traffic
 Up to 2.5 months of free use of the vehicle a year
 Greater range and longer battery life

Our offer
 Propulsion Inverters for Electric & Hydrogen Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams, Metro Cars
 Auxiliary Power Supplies (10-500 kW)
 DC/DC Converters for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
 Battery and Supercapacitor Energy Recovery Systems
 Battery Chargers
 Charging Stations & Systems

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Product description

Since 2014 we have introduce a range of EV systems consisting of propulsion inverters and auxiliary power supply. Based on the experience with IGBT technology, we have developed full SiC propulsion inverters to reduce energy consumption of a new generation of EV. Urbino Electric buses made by Solaris operate all over Europe. In order to extend the eBus family by hydrogen buses, we have designed fuel cell energy converter operating as a link between the fuel cell and the propulsion system. We also delivered the first in Poland two-way charger for eBuses in energy-saving SiC technology, in the V2G standard for Solaris newest Charging Park. We have already completed similar projects in Japan.