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What started with the founding of the company over 135 years ago still moves people around the world today. Thanks to their unique attributes, ropeways by LEITNER are the optimum mobility solution for a huge range of different requirements in urban areas. As one of the world’s leading companies in the development and construction of ropeway transport systems, LEITNER ropeways relies on a proven recipe for success that convinces customers time and again. As well as maximum comfort, this includes, above all, development of modern technologies and the constant striving for innovation and high-quality product design. Ropeways are celebrating flying high as a means of transport in urban areas.

Product description

Enjoy zero-emissions e-mobility with LEITNER‘s innovative, versatile and cutting-edge ropeway solutions. Imagine stepping into a cabin and moving above the urban chaos without the hustle. You simply leave the traffic problems, blocked roads and noise behind and experience your daily trips in a whole new way. Ropeways are a public transportation system that is taken seriously by environmentally conscious cities. For urban environments, the features of a ropeway are very interesting, they do not need much space, can cross over any obstacle, connect sensitive recreational zones and can also save time. Furthermore, there are no conflicts with other traffic users.