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Stand: 6D216

One of the important goals of modern technologies that facilitate daily life is the development and popularization of urban transportation. Established in 1998 to carry out this goal, Kentkart produces intelligent transportation systems, hardware, and software consistent with city-specific and international standards.

Kentkart’s mission is to improve public transportation by developing modern, fast, punctual, easy, and secure information technologies and systems that meet the needs of public transport operators and make journeys pleasant for passengers. With its Automated Fare Collection, Vehicle Tracking, Real-Time Passenger Information, and On-Board Camera Security systems, Kentkart ensures error-free, punctual, and sustainable public transportation.

Product description

Account-based Mobility (ABM) has become a key technology for automated fare collection in public transport. In ABM model, unlike traditional card-based ticketing solutions, all data is shifted away from any physical media (e.g., smart cards or paper tickets) to the back office. This reduces the media complexity since all relevant data like balance or passenger type is no longer stored in the media itself.

Accounts may have multiple media and can be personalized for students, disabled, etc. ABM makes transport system more flexible and less dependent on local ticket sales, cash handling and the top-up infrastructure. Moreover, passengers can board with mobile application by using QR or NFC technologies.