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Stand: B3084

Karos is the leading solution in France to carpool on daily commutes : we reached 1,000,000 carpools organized through our mobile app !nOur vision is to transform empty car seats into structured transportation networks, in combination with existing public transport lines. We have developed a mobile app that leverages geolocation and AI technologies to make carpooling on daily commutes truly effortless, very reliable and highly flexible.

Product description

We work with local transport authorities and companies to turn private cars into mass public transport. Our solution “Karos Territoires” dedicated to local transport authorities enables them to improve the daily mobility of their inhabitants at an optimized cost. Today, implementing Karos costs only € 0.10 per km-passenger versus € 0.50-3.00 for buses & on-demand transportation. 36% of our trips are registered in areas with a density under 100 inhabitants / km² : Karos is efficient even in low density areas.