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Stand: A3062

iris – intelligent sensingnThe Berlin-based company iris-GmbH has been supplying the global market with reliable technologies for automatic passenger counting for more than 25 years. IRMA, the main product, works with proven time-of-flight technology. Our portfolio of sensor technologies comprises a wide range of performance classes. The data gained by IRMA is used for the business optimization, capacity adjustment and revenue sharing in Public Transport associations.

Product description

IRMA 6 – makes it easy nEven simpler, more intuitive and flexible: IRMA 6nAs in all modern industries, the progressing digitalization in public transport is based on data. IRMA 6, the new sensor by iris-GmbH, is an offer benefiting the fast evolving digital structure in public transport. These sensors are an excellent source of the data required for new services. The focus is no longer only on the management of the fleet or the deployment of the vehicles, but rather on the control of passenger flows.