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IDOM is a leading company in professional services of Consulting, Engineering and Architecture that distinguishes itself by offering its clients an extraordinary level of commitment, accompanying them in all phases of their projects.
For more than half a century, IDOM has worked on five continents, maintaining its independence from any economic or interest group, as a guarantee of its unique commitment to the Client.
Made up of a team of nearly 4,000 professionals, IDOM has differential strengths when undertaking complex and multidisciplinary projects.

Product description

Zaragoza is a city in north-eastern Spain. The technical and planning services for the extension of line 1 of the Zaragoza Tramway were developed by IDOM in the East-West corridor. Our services included: Analysis of corridors and alternatives analysis including the design of the track, catenary, power supply, signaling, urban integration, stations, workshops and depot and rolling stock. New tramway line at grade, operated on sight view and double track as standalone line. Compatibility of all the systems that are currently working in Line 1. Integration with other bus lines, pedestrian, cycling and car lanes. Define including the forecast demand for line 1, line 2 and new buses line configuration to incentive the use of public transport and non motorized modes system to move around the city.