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Hinduja Tech, part of Hinduja Group, headquartered in UK, is a Product Engineering & Digital Technology Services Provider. Hinduja Tech has pioneered the automotive product co-development using its unique Frugal Engineering paradigm with a strong focus on “zero based design to cost process”. We have delivered award-winning vehicle programs for our OEM clients at affordable costs. Our 50+ client list from Fortune 100 includes Global OEMs & Tier1, 2 Suppliers in USA, Mexico, UK, Europe and Asia.

Product description

• End-to-End Full Vehicle Development Services
• Powertrain (ICE & Electric)
• Body Engineering (including CAB design, interior & exterior trims)
• Virtual Validation
• Electricals & Electronics.

In the digital space, we have an AI powered Cognitive Reliability Analytics Solution which helps to predict the possible failures of any automotive part and reduces warranty cost.
SAP services includes
• SAP S/4 HANA Migration
• SAP Application Development
• SAP BI & Analytics
• SAP Mobility Solutions