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GEDLux has been an expert in electrical process automation since 2008 and participates in several national and international projects for which it designs, supplies, and delivers complete control systems for electrical substations.
These substations belong to railway infrastructures, such as electrical substations for underground and overground networks, and renewable energy projects, such as photovoltaic plants, wind farms, and industrial plants, e.g., steel or paper mills.
Our innovative railway designs include automatic sequences using network topology colouring; automatic reconnections; energy metering & analytics; and state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

Product description

GEDLux offers complete control system solutions for electrical networks.
We specialize in protection devices and telecontrol of substations, transformer stations, and catenary disconnectors using SCADA systems and RTUs.
Our transport projects encompass a broad range of tasks, which include:

Replacement of obsolete supervisory systems; metering centre cabinets; transformer substation legacy cabinets, and RTUs
Engineering of the remote control of transformer substations and metering centres
Refurbishment of catenary systems
Analysis of remote-control cybersecurity
Migration to SCADA for the remote control of energy control centres

All our projects offer the provision of all control and protection relays and systems, as well as engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance thereafter.