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Gaia is a software company committed to making sustainable mobility attractive, accessible and reliable. We offer transportation solutions that empower PTAs and PTOs to deliver the expected services of today and tomorrow.

Our product, Gaia Public Transport, is a powerful SaaS solution designed for traffic companies worldwide. It is a next-generation platform that integrates with your planned and demand-responsive traffic systems, letting you gather real-time data, monitor events and manage ongoing trips centrally.

Additionally, we provide intelligent services to passengers and drivers, creating a better experience for everyone involved.

Product description

Gaia Public Transport is a SaaS platform connecting internal and external systems, letting real-time information flow through your fleet. Its central logic facilitates the delivery of accurate information to passengers, drivers, traffic controllers, and traffic informants.

It is a next-generation platform that promotes collaboration between PTAs and PTOs, ensuring they share one truth of past and present traffic conditions.

Gaia Public Transport is a cloud-native solution that meets current and future travel requirements. The structure of Digital Twins facilitates adding information and functionality related to vehicles, trips, passengers and stops – making your services future-proof.