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Stand: 6B220

Electrans is leading innovation in the railway industry since 1977. Electrans stands out for developing its own product line, always being at the technology forefront, and sustaining its competitive advantage in the capacity to be responsive to the needs of each customer.
Our long and successful career path has led us to become a key player in Railway Signalling, particularly in the field of level crossing protection solutions, signals and LED lighting, train detection, and passenger information. Our capacity for adaptation is our biggest asset.
Today, the systems developed by Electrans are found in service around the world, becoming an international reference in the industry.

Product description

ELECTRANS’LRT (E-LRT) Signalling solution is specific for Urban Applications, Monorail and Tram.
E-LRT is the comprehensive and customized solution for urban rail network operators providing an integrated and safe transit of its rolling stock and passengers in urban environments, including a smart interface with Road Traffic Systems (RTS), improving mobility, environmental pollution and safety, while reducing the impact between the rolling stock and the rest of road users.
E-LRT controls and coordinates the position of the rolling stock, protecting them against collisions, monitoring the position and speed of the rolling stock, and preventing them from achieving conflicting routes.