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Stand: 7H100

Ebusco is a frontrunner in the development of electric buses and EV ecosystems. As a strong believer that zero emission is a choice, Ebusco contributes to a healthier living environment by making sustainable, emission-free transport the standard. Founded a decade ago, the company is an industry pioneer with a distinct first mover advantage proven through extensive real-road experience. Bringing ground-breaking aerospace technology to the public transport market, Ebusco is determined to stay one step ahead of the market. Founded in the Netherlands, the company is now active in 9 countries with buses driving in major cities like Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich. Ebusco is made to move!

Product description

Not constrained by a past reliant on fossil fuel, Ebusco has a ground-breaking and unique approach to developing electric buses. A multifunctional team of key experts, who have earned their spurs in the field of aerospace, automotive and electronics, has developed an innovative fully electric bus which goes beyond all existing boundaries to redefine the world of public transportation: Ebusco 3.0.

Ebusco’s new bus breaks the barriers of current bus design in our drive for sustainable public transport. Not only by using composite materials in the main structure of the body, but also in its approach to focus the design around passenger comfort, driver support and Total Cost of Ownership. Last but not least, it contributes to make the world we live in a safer and healthier place.