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Stand: 6B214

For over five decades, EASIER has established itself as a premier brand that combines the expertise of two prestigious European manufacturers РIER and Automatic Systems Рboth of which are part of the French conglomerate Bolloré SE. As a crucial partner of ground transportation operators, EASIER specializes in the production, distribution, installation, and maintenance of equipment designed to regulate pedestrian and vehicle access to fare-controlled areas. Its comprehensive product range encompasses a diverse array of items, including automatic swing and retractable fare gates, Ticket Vending Machines (TVM), tripod turnstiles, level crossing barriers, and more..

Product description

EASIER produces TGH automatic gates for public transport networks that efficiently control pedestrian access with strict safety standards and an exclusive detection system for user protection. The TGH gate is a retractable sliding gate, ideal for ensuring safety in controlled access areas.

EASIER’s automatic Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) are designed for demanding environments like transportation hubs and stations to manage traffic operations with high availability. The TVMs are robust and reliable, with advanced security features to protect user transactions and data, meeting the needs of public transportation operators. EASIER’s expertise in self-service equipment can improve the efficiency and safety of public transportation operations.