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Cojali S. L.

Stand: 6H216

Cojali S. L. is a Spanish multinational whose in-house manufactured and developed products and solutions of diagnostics, remote diagnostics, fleet management, data science and commercial vehicle components are currently commercialised in more the 135 countries, being key to make progress in predictive maintenance and intelligent logistics through advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence models.

Thanks to the wide expertise in the development of on-board and workshop technology solutions, Cojali is actively working on data processing and analysis to stay committed to Technological Innovation for the automotive sector.

Product description


Jaltest Telematics applies disruptive technology as Artificial Intelligence in order to analyze all information reported by the vehicle. Furthermore, it has developed machine learning systems that are trained in one of the most complete multi-brand and multisystem data collections in the world. Thanks to these models, Jaltest Telematics is able to prevent potential failures, reducing contingencies and breakdowns, and also estimate the useful life time of a system or a component, based on the conditions of use and the maintenance operation history. This capability enhances the availability of the fleet and save costs by maximizing the uptime of the vehicle as well as reducing unforecasted events and breakdowns.