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Stand: 7C178

Main CLEARSY’s know-how is the design and production of certified safe systems and software applications, through the use of formal B methods in urban and main-line railways sectors, for the design of driverless (GoA3) or unattended (GoA4) train operation systems. Moreover, CLEARSY translates the complex detail of European Interoperability’s ERTMS specifications into a suite of tools used by major companies and laboratories.
This year Clearsy is highlighting the following offerings:

Product description

– A safe (SIL2) central supervision of the fire safety and fire detection systems. It guarantees alarms and communication. All the RATP and Grand Paris networks are deploying it
– The CLEARSY Safety Platform, easing the development of safety critical applications up to SIL4, as the vital computer board is already certified. To focus on the design of the business applications only
– A range of SIL4 relays intrinsically safe and performing their own contact monitoring
– A SIL2 programmable generic monitor: The customer can thus develop his own application (HMI) or subcontract to CLEARSY the realization
– A SIL2 monitor in ETCS baseline 3, reducing the risk that the operator not see or misinterpret the messages on the screen, & that the commands will not be considered