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Stand: A3091

CLEARSY, a French company of 140 employees, designs and produces certified safe systems and software applications for urban and main-line railways for driverless (GoA3) and unattended (GoA4) train operation systems.
ERSA, acquired by CLEARSY on 2018, translates the complex detail of European Interoperability’s ERTMS / ETCS / EVC specifications into a suite of tools which are supplied now by CLEARSY.

Product description

• Creation and maintenance of the software development toolkit: Atelier B, used by major signalling companies & technical universities worldwide; this toolkit is used to produce mathematically proven safety critical software and/or systems
• Definition & delivery of certified safety systems and software according to CENELEC SIL2 to SIL4
• Usage of formal methods (B method) to develop such systems and/or software applications
• High level of expertise in ERTMS/ETCS (through the acquisition of ERSA)