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Axess AG is an international provider of innovative access-, visitor- and guest management solutions focused on e-commerce and enhanced customer experience. Business fields are focused on ski resorts and destinations, fair and convention centers, stadia and arenas, leisure and attractions and touristic transport. Headquarters are in Anif/Salzburg (Austria) where the head departments of sales, marketing, finance and hard- and software development are located. At the Axess factory in Innsbruck (Tyrol) all innovative hardware products as well as the Axess Cards for the various business fields are produced. More than 460 employees are working every day for customers in over 53 countries. Axess AG was founded 1998 and is operating with 21 worldwide subsidiaries.

Product description

Axess offers individual solutions for ticketing and access management
Point of Sale: Sale of tickets and services, administration of sales and processing of cashless payment
E-commerce: Web shops for customers and partners, smartphone apps and innovative products for the digitalisation of ticketing and customer communication
Point of Control: Contactless checking of tickets, access authorizations and recording of access data by RFID or barcode scanners
Datacenter: A central database server manages all data and communicates with all devices or software products
Smart Cards & Tickets: Barcode and RFID cards can be selected and adapted in choice of material, desired service life and storage capacity