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Stand: A2055

Axentia develops market leading low power displays, enabling battery operation for several years. Advantages are lower procurement cost, simple installation and flexible administration.
Real-time information services can now be deployed where it previously was not economically feasible.
Key benefits:
•tBattery powered displays
•tSimple installation, commissioning, maintenance and service
•tDeployment scalability
•tDisplay management via web user interface
•tData comm. via mobile networks, with roaming

Product description

The iBus Display product portfolio from Axentia brings a new dimension into public transport information. The product portfolio contains battery operated LCD and e-paper displays, low power streetlight electricity LED and TFT displays as well as larger LCD and TFT displays requiring permanent external electricity.
All iBus Displays can be equipped with Text-To-Speech functionality, and there are options for beacons, GPS and accelerometers.