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Stand: 7C106

ATCO TRADE was founded in 1999 by engineers with proven professional qualification and experience in foreign trade. Our activities cover commercial and engineering solutions in partnership with important customers from electric and rail transport sector where we implement system solutions with delivery of technology equipment, spare parts and specific consumables. The competence of our highly qualified engineers to guarantee specific features and advantages of equipment by strict control at every step from design and installation to commissioning and service in operation.

Product description

An innovative concept of platform safety using high strength steel rope elastic barriers with large span vertical opening. Fast installation without interfering train operation schedules. Taylor made robust solutions with low power consumption. The RSD System is installable on any type of passenger platform to prevent accidents and unauthorized access to rail track. Unrivaled efficiency at mixed traffic of various train length and door configurations. Applicable in conventional rail and metro lines, high speed or light railways, or any other locations of people’s traffic requiring additional safety measures. RSD allows for transit running of high-speed trains.