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Stand: A4134

For the first time, Actia introduces its full ITxPT labelled backbone to the Public Transport Authorities (PTA), Public Transport Operators (PTO) and Bus manufacturers. The Actia ITxPT architecture consists on several labelled modules, services and applications. Visit our booth A4134 and see the ITxPT backbone linked with the Podium2 driver workplace. We aim showing you how Actia eases the implementation of operator services (come and discover at the same time the Actia ITxPT partners).

Product description

All the products consisting the Actia ITxPT architecture are ITxPT labelled: ① The MADT (2 versions are available, integrated into the driver workplace Podium2 or mobile which can be used outside the vehicle. ② The Ethernet Switches AES.2. ③ The Display range for passenger information. ④ The CCTV BOP XD (VDV / Ibis labelled). ⑤ The Vehicle Communication Gateway TGU-R. ⑥ The Cloud based VCG Manager (enabling OTA pairing and updating routers and vehicles). ⑦ The Fleet management front office, MyActiaFleet.