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Acapela Group creates personalized digital voices to guide end-users throughout the voice-first experience. We help our customers in the transport sector build a voice persona with a unique identity that fits their brand or specificities. The latest innovations with DNN & Deep Learning are opening the way for new opportunities. With information flowing into complex multimodal journeys, passengers need real-time audio information with pleasant and intelligible voices for a safer and comfortable journey.

Product description

Acapela Voice Factory – Acapela TTS SDKs for all plaftorms – including SaaS – Acapela Advanced lexicon Editor. Whether you have been using the same voice for decades or you are looking for a new voice identity, Acapela can help you create a digital voice flexible and of high quality. Acapela voices speak over 30 languages. For an advanced passenger experience, we create CUSTOM VOICES that your customers will instantly recognize.