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What’s New?

Join an Exhibition for All

The Exhibition is renowned for gathering the big names from across the public transport sector all in one place.

At this edition, there will be a place for everyone with 3 brand new spaces which are new opportunity to stand out.

Make sure that the sector knows about you!

The Studio

Where Ideas come to Life

With the rise of digitalisation and new technologies, came the proceeding tide of new mobility services and innovative new business models. At the Global Public Transport Summit, UITP provides a dedicated exhibition space for start-up companies and non-traditional transport players to showcase innovation and what they bring to the urban public transport sector. The Studio, where ideas come to life, is bound to trigger discussion and offer opportunities for partnerships.

This exhibition area offers 32 exhibition spots. These exhibition spaces are sold without profit.

The Studio will feature one Expo Session per day at lunch time, during which companies from the exhibition area will pitch their ideas.

There will also be two one-hour Poster Sessions per day dedicated to the exhibitors from this zone to ensure high visibility and opportunities to present their product.

Reserve your space at The Studio for the chance to get international recognition for your growing business at the biggest public transport exhibition of 2019!

Test Drive Zone

The Global Public Transport Summit at Stockholm 2019 offers a unique opportunity to test drive electric buses and autonomous vehicles in a dedicated outdoor parking area. Take this chance to get potential clients and exhibition visitors ‘on board’ and show them the benefits of electric buses and autonomous vehicles!

Discover the test drive zone behind Exhibition Halls A and B, open every day of the exhibition from 10:00 to 16:00. During testing zone hours, the tracks will be exclusively reserved for participating exhibitors only and other vehicles will not have access to the road.

Send in your application letter to reserve the test drive track! Feel free to contact us for more information.

Hicham Badran
Director of Exhibitions
Jean-Frédéric Charles
Exhibition Operations Manager

Design Zone and Cycling Circuit

Visitors will experience alternative mobility solutions on the Cycling Circuit on the Exhibition floor and explore the impact of design on travel experience in the Design Zone.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase a leading contribution to sustainable urban mobility within an international public transport community.

Book your space in this interactive exhibition area now! For more information on how to book your space, contact us!

Hicham Badran
Director of Exhibitions
Jean-Frédéric Charles
Exhibition Operations Manager