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Discover the art of public transport everywhere on our Instagram

Discover the art of public transport everywhere on our Instagram

Art is all about perspective... let us show you ours.


Art can take on many forms. We can find art in shapes, in colours, in sounds or movements. We also find art in the perfect urban journey.

In all branches of our sector, we are constantly evolving and designing the mobility of the future, seeking excellence in all we do. Each of us working in this sector is a mobility artist, working to create a public transport masterpiece.

For our next Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden, June 2019, we will celebrate our theme the Art of Public Transport’, by highlighting some of the best work and innovations crafted by mobility artists from across the sector.

However, art is all about perspective, and for that reason, some of us see art in places where others might least expect it. The same is true for the art of public transport.

As mobility artists, we see the art of public transport everywhere and anywhere, across all modes and in all corners of the world, but others might not…

Can you see it?

Follow us on Instagram @uitpofficial from now until June to find the art of public transport everywhere as we prepare for this defining event for our sector! We will be regularly sharing pictures that manifest our theme and share our unique perspective as mobility artists.


Register now for the Early-Bird rate and join us in Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019 for our leading public transport event!

Discover our headline speakers here!