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Day 1: highlights of the day

We’re coming to you live from Stockholm where the biggest and brightest thought-leaders and professionals in the public transport sector have gathered together once again for the UITP Global Public Transport Summit!

With almost 100 sessions and over 2,500 potential business contacts to meet, it would be impossible to see it all. That’s why, over the next few days, we will be wrapping up the end of each day of our Summit with our top 10 highlights so that you don’t miss a thing!

If you’re onsite here in Stockholm, don’t forget to pick up your copy of the UITP Summit Daily News, brought to you by Cities Today, to complement these key highlights.



Sunday, Day 1this was a short day, so only eight highlights for today!

1. UITP President re-election

The votes are in! Pere Calvet, Director General, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), has been re-elected for his second two-year term as UITP President! Congratulations, Mr Calvet! We look forward to seeing what the next two years under your leadership will bring!


2. Our fantastic keynote

Yes, professionally, he’s an artist, but in his heart, he’s also an incredible public transport advocate! Christoph Neimann really brought the art to public transport in his speech, reminding us why we’re all here working for this sector in the first place.

Neimann shared personal stories of his kids and how, growing up in New York City, they were obsessed with riding the subway, memorising the many lines twisting through the city, and in this way, they were really able to take ownership of the city.

“The moment I see a city’s transit system, I feel like I understand the place”, said Neimann, which is why he always prefers to travel by public transport. “It not only takes a complex city and breaks it down into a map, it gives children the opportunity to really own the city. A five year old could not have that with a car.”

Public transport, like art, is part of the culture of a city, and we need to work on our side, as advocates of sustainable mobility, to romanticise public transport and change the perception.

“We need to go beyond the idea of public transport just moving people; we need to be moving hearts and minds”, said Neimann.

Alongside his inspiring words, he also brought along some examples of his beautiful artwork! Altogether, an unforgettable keynote speech!


3. Leader’s panel

The UITP Summit is the only international platform that brings together public transport operators, industry workers and authorities, but also city leaders and decision makers. The “leader’s panel” in the roundtable discussion segment of the Opening Ceremony featured the following names: Roland RIES, Mayor of Strasbourg, UCLG; Ángela María OROZCO GÓMEZ, Minister of Transport, Republic of Colombia, South America; H.E. Dr. Rumaih Mohammed AL-RUMAIH, President, Public Transport Authority, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Soham EL WARDINI, Mayor of Dakar, Senegal; Dr Maria NEIRA, Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland. Finally, thank you to our moderator, Dr Melinda CRANE, Journalist and Presenter!


4. Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon

Back for its third edition, the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon announced three new winners at the Opening Ceremony today: team Compal in third place, team BLI in second, and team Tres coming in first place! Check out what these brilliant young minds have put together, and stop by the Y4PT Fair at room T6 throughout the Summit to meet the people behind the projects, learn more about their pitches and facilitate potential business opportunities!


5. Boat trip on Lake Mälaren

Today in Stockholm was the perfect day for a boat trip on lake Mälaren, seeing the sights from the comfort of SL’s shuttle ferry. What can be better than starting your day like this? This technical tour was organised by SL and Transdev.


6. Managers in Transport Graduation Ceremony

One of our flagship diploma programmes, Managers in Public Transport, has been a starting point for many of our members who have gone on to high level management positions across the sector. The latest edition of this programme concluded in Stockholm where the graduates were welcomed on stage at the UITP General Assembly for an official graduation ceremony! On Tuesday at 15:30, don’t miss our special announcement concerning the future of our training programmes at the UITP Centre for Training side-event!


7. BBC StoryWorks mini-documentary series

Today’s Opening Ceremony gave us a little taste of what’s coming as a result of the BBC StoryWorks project with UITP and its members! After months of production with around a dozen members, BBC StoryWorks and UITP are gearing up to launch the mini-documentary series, ‘Redefining public transport’ later this week! Some of the videos from this series will make their premiere at different sessions throughout the UITP Summit… stay tuned for more!