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Cities Today at the UITP Summit: urban mobility leaders join forces in Stockholm

The largest event of its kind in public transport.

One of the world’s most respected magazines on urban mobility.

Joining forces for this exciting partnership, UITP is delighted to announce our collaboration with Cities Today for the next UITP Summit.

Featuring original and exclusive content, the “UITP Summit Daily News” will consist of three editions, published daily, across the entire run of the UITP Global Summit.

In order to promote the outstanding work of our members and exhibitors, UITP and the Cities Today editorial teams will work together to bring the latest innovations, products, news and announcements to the more than 10000 visitors who will walk through the doors this June.

“I’m delighted that UITP and Cities Today will join forces for the next UITP Global Public Transport Summit. The 2019 edition will detail the future of our sector as the urban mobility world gathers in Stockholm. Partnering with a world leading magazine is an exciting opportunity for our members, exhibitors and visitors to read first-hand which topics have been discussed and showcased during the Summit. UITP’s partnership with Cities Today is the perfect fit to bring the news to our delegates – be sure to pick up your daily copy!”
Pere Calvet
UITP President

The magazines will available at key spots throughout our conference and exhibition bringing you news, announcements and exclusive interviews from Monday to Wednesday…

…Be sure to pick up your copy!

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