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Bright Light of the City

The theme for the 2023 Global Public Transport Summit

What do you see when the bright light shines on your city? The richness of the culture? The beautiful architecture? The vibrant landscape?

Barcelona is a city where light shines brightly through its rich Mediterranean history, and world famous scenery and art. It is a city with great ease of access, making it a location to discover the beauty of what is right before your eyes.

One vitally important element allowing people the opportunity to embrace the magic of this unique and charming city is its well-connected public transport system.

And how do we best discover the bright sights of our cities? With public transport every step, line, turn and track along the way.

The theme for the 2023 Global Public Transport Summit will be ‘Bright Light of the City’.

Public transport is the ‘Bright Light of the City’. It gives passengers the freedom to discover their surroundings, to commute, to meet friends & family, or simply navigate wherever you need to go with ease.  Public transport brings light to any city and energises the lives of all those who use it.

It provides more than a necessary service; it brightens the urban landscape and is simply the brightest decision you can make to move around your city.

By creating a unique theme for each edition of the UITP Global Summit, it allows us to not only best reflect the event and location, but to then weave the artistic feeling of the theme throughout our programme.

Public transport is what makes a city shine. And it is the people who work in it, and those who use it, that make is such a special part of a city’s landscape.

Two Pillars

By building our Summit programme, we will present two pillars to define the direction, under Cities and People.

Within those two pillars, we will showcase six tracks in total to drive the direction of our focus.

Under the pillar of Cities, the three tracks will be Cities with Vision and Means, On the Way to Net Zero emissions: Insuring the Energy Transition, and Innovation & Operation Excellence for a more resilient sector.

Under the pillar of People, the three tracks will be Public Transport as the Service of Social Inclusion and Diversity, Customer Centricity, and Happy Staff Makes Public Transport.

We will bring you more information on the topics under each pillar and track in the weeks and months to come! With so much rich content up for discussion in our sector, there will be something for everyone in our Summit programme.

Because what we know for sure is that public transport is for everyone. It’s for the People, for our Cities.

And with that in mind, we can all find the shining bright light of our own surroundings.

The Bright Light of the City. Public transport will take you there!